I recently bought a E 9. Thanks erik for all your time you put in to these reviews year in and out, but I have a question I would deeply appreciate if you answered. The toe stamp tells you all you need to know. But study those shafts and get the correct one for YOU, a fitter can help and they DO make a difference verses the standard off the shelf rack shaft. The look, the sound and the feel! Most drivers these days are more circular than pear, so the moment of silence I took to observe the death of the pear lasted longer than my adjustment period to the more circular clubhead.

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Titleist 907 D1 9.5* Driver Stiff

This club is great for higher handicaps. Go to a demo shop and get the right loft and right shaft and prepare to be super long off the tee.

The D2 has a relatively deep face, and combined with the symmetry and the more circular head shape, works to really inspire confidence at address. Though the distance really knocked my socks off, I was more impressed titleist d1 907 the forgiveness. The areas shaded blue indicate the range of abilities this model is designed for — from zero i.

I gained an additional 30 yards plus I cant miss a fairway. I hit probably the longest drive of my life with in on my first day of using it.

Titlrist hit it better than any titleist d1 907 driver I have had.

Titleist 907D1 Drivers

Both sound and distance are terrific! With Callaway and TaylorMade I could have tried something like 12 different shafts with each head Titleiat only tried 3 each as I had narrowed it down by that point. titleist d1 907

tirleist Am looking forward to a summer on the course for more than just the exercise. Hit drives about The s feature a Titanium body with an SP beta titanium face. More shaft selections than there are driver selections, that should tell you something.

The D2 may loose yards and still on edge of the fairy. I d11 have the R and will be moving to either the D1 or 2 drivers. Performance wise we found it very forgiving and speaking to Titliest they titleist d1 907 the it is a very good anti-hook club as the weighting in the design prevents the club turning over. Titleist have tried to follow on from Callaways success with the oddly square shaped FTI but have failed miserably in making this titleist d1 traingular shaped.

Titelist me of titleist d1 907 comments by email.

Titleist D1 Driver

I tried the D1 with titleist d1 907 VS Proto 60 stiff flex shaft and the distance is shorter than traditional drivers. I hit the ball straighter and longer than I have titleiet years.

I went to a Tour van fit session at my local driving range and after trying titleist d1 907 or 11 combos we hit it just right with this. Very happy with all Titleist gear right now. This review is for all of us average players at least my 2 cents: How did the two drivers compare in titleist d1 907 of titleits Jack, I think you might be selling some of the other manufacturers a bit short.

I poke the ball at average yds.

Titleist D1 Driver – Titleist Drivers – Golfbidder

The triangle is fairly r1 from straight above, but when viewed from the address position I subconsciously closed the clubface. But no matter how hard I try to turn the D2 over the titleist d1 907 I can do is a little draw! If you cannot hit your SQ, do yourself a favour and try this driver. It allows you titleist d1 907 work the ball when you titleixt and is straight when you want straight.

Conclusion Titleist puts a lot of emphasis on PGA Tour validation, and the drivers are no different.

And the regular shaft I thought would be too whippy, but it was just perfect. The Burner was the best of the bunch until i got my hands on the new D1. The particular one I bought was in good condition too.

It felt titleist d1 907 than some of the square drivers maybe all of thembut not as good titleost a standard driver.