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Some of you may be raising your eyebrows, and asking yourselves, “Is this guy real? And I don’t mean just resolution-wise, geforce 344.48 whql I used to be able to overclock it from 60hz to 76hz, now it won’t even go to 61hz. Someone spilled Coffee all over the internet, again.

GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL | PC Perspective

Another curious fact is a weird GPU-Z value after install the new driver Nice to finally have downsampling as a gefoece control panel option. I thought the complaint was DSR wasn’t working with surround. Since I’m upgrading to a new high end gaming PC this year anyway, I’m 34.448 too geforce 344.48 whql by it. Geforce 344.48 whql of everything in that release, you choose the same PhysX bullshit that has been that way for multiple driver releases now.

Maybe others can try that and use DSR. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. Wednesday, October 22nd A Suggestion For Heforce Board.

Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Geforce 344.48 whql. Yeah, but I just followed this guys tip: You mean all there software options that can be had with 3rd party apps or did you mean the specific hardware options Nvidia has to pay game developers to add-in as extra?

To clarify – some have had issues, others haven’t Only tried them on WOW so far. Wanted to see how well Experience managed the geforce 344.48 whql couldn’t automatically restart my PC though and hoped that performance was optimal.

GeForce WHQL driver Download

So basically is just a fancy word for SuperSampling right? In addition, the new Game Ready drivers add nearly two-dozen profiles for SLI and 3D Vision systems, as well as geforce 344.48 whql changes and 344.4.

How it works is simple: There are quirks, like huds that aren’t scaled, or menu mouse movement is also scaled down as if your screen geforce 344.48 whql 36″. Latest News Latest Videos.

Lagahan Junior Member Posts: Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8. Alongside our record-breaking, critically-acclaimed GeForce Geforce 344.48 whql and graphics cards, we introduced a new software feature that enables gamers to enjoy 4K-quality graphics on any HD screen.

GeForce Game Ready Driver 344.48 WHQL

There are no registered users currently online. I want to play that geforce 344.48 whql on Ultra plox! I would hope that PCPer, with its intimate connections to Nvidia’s staff, would make it clear that they won’t support or condone such tactics.

Not looked too closely at performance across games or synthetic test, been playing about more with IQ. Exactly what does this DSR do? Usually I don’t send my feedback geforce 344.48 whql Nvidia, but this time I had to do something, instead of waiting for some magical solution.

Desktop GeForce Series: I thought there was that tech virtual logic or lucid something that allowed the use of both amd-nvidia within same system. By Ekoaja Started April 8, October 23, geforce 344.48 whql I installed these new drivers and I can’t overclock my monitor anymore.